BBC紀錄片《中國人要來了》(The Chinese Are Coming) 第01集 第09期


幾十年來 安哥拉是一片被遺忘 'For decades, Angola was a forgotten,

被戰火折磨的土地 人民極度貧窮 war-torn land, desperately poor.

現在的石油開發和對中貿易 'Now the oil boom and Chinese trade

在幫助其籌資重建 are helping to fund reconstruction.

但是龐大的施工項目 'But giant construction projects are

只是中國人在非洲發展的一個部分 only one part of the Chinese involvement in Africa.'

感覺怎么樣 Whoa, how does it feel?

棒極了 Yeah, it's nice!

朱偉軍是中國企業家 'Ju Weijun is one of a small army

在非洲扎根大軍中的一員 of Chinese entrepreneurs setting up in Africa.

他于2004年離開了中國東北部的青島 'He left Qingdao in North Eastern China in 2004

來非洲尋找財富 to seek his fortune in Africa.

從那以后 他創立了一家連鎖商店 'Since then, he's built up a chain of stores,

銷售雜物百貨 從鞋到摩托車 selling everything from shoes to motorcycles.'

你覺得你的摩托車 So, do your motorcycles,

對安哥拉的當地人有沒有幫助 do you think they help people here in Angola?

有的 這些廉價實用的摩托車 Yes, people can generate work from these,

可以創造出就業崗位 inexpensive, useful motorbikes.

改善他們的生活質量 And increase their standard of living.

朱偉軍的先鋒意識的確不一般 'Ju Weijun's pioneering spirit is truly remarkable.

他在那場殘忍的內戰結束兩年后 'He arrived here just two years

就來到了這里 after the end of the brutal civil war.'

這里損毀得好嚴重 Wow, these places are so badly damaged.

沒錯 戰爭后樓房基本都成了這樣 Yes, this is what's left of a building after the war.

戰后整個城市都是這樣 The whole place was like this following the war.

看看這些損傷 Just look at the damage.

那上面的彈痕 天哪 太可怕了 The shell marks up there. God, it's terrible.

這里的戰斗一定很慘烈 Must have been appalling fighting here.

他認為一些西方公司 'He believes that some Western companies

依舊害怕來這里做生意 are still too scared to do business here.

安哥拉有許多大好機會 In Angola, there are loads of opportunities.

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